Journal #7 – no more writing about Covid

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*** This is a longer version of something I posted on my personal social media last week***

Folks, I’m a writer so it’s hard for me not to write stuff about my thoughts and feelings. But this is going to be my last post about Covid for a while.

I don’t trust the government, generally. I think they’re more interested in saving the economy than saving lives. I think a large proportion of our economic activity is pointless and harmful to the planet and intended solely to amass wealth for the few, at the cost of the many. But I also think that just *stopping* it is problematic in terms of people’s income and standard of living.

We know, for example, that there are enough clothes on the planet for the next six generations of humans. So no one needs to buy new clothes anymore. (Finding a source for this is hard – seems like it’s what some guy from The Great British Sewing Bee said and we’ve all accepted it to be true – but we know fast fashion is a big problem, so it’s the concept that counts, at least on this blog).

But if we all stop, what happens to everyone who works in Primark, or in clothing factories? How many gazillions of jobs across the world rely on the fashion industry?

It feels kind of the same with Covid. Do we stop doing all the stuff we love indefinitely? I MISS live music, folks! And I don’t want to go into a bookshop where I can’t touch stuff and browse properly, thanks. But then everything we love will die. Property developer assholes will buy all the empty nightclubs and Amazon will take over the world. And the virus might still kill loads of people anyway. I guess with the climate crisis stuff at least it’s certain – if we don’t stop doing what we’re doing, we’re all screwed.

Anyway, there’s clearly a balance to be struck between protecting jobs and protecting lives and protecting people’s wellbeing. I have no idea what that balance should be, but I have no reason to think that the VAST majority of medics and scientists who think the government aren’t doing enough are wrong, or corrupt, or liars, or interested in mass control of the populace.

Here’s some other things that I think, in case you’re interested.

Unlicensed vaccines are not the same as untested vaccines (actually, this isn’t just my opinion, this is a fact.) Vaccines have saved a lot of lives. People who think we should allow the virus to “bloom” and work its way through the population probably wouldn’t say the same thing about other diseases we can now treat? Or if they would, then I say that’s a questionable position. There’s a reason human life expectancy has doubled in the last two hundred years. Is that a good thing for the planet? Probably not. Does that mean we should just let all the old, vulnerable and sick people die? Also probably not.

But there’s a bit of a problem here. The current situation in the world is so polarising. I know people who think that we should be back in full lockdown and others who think we should never have gone into lockdown. I know people who think vaccines should be mandatory and others who think vaccines are poison. (I don’t know any “anti-maskers”, as far as I’m aware, but maybe there are some out there in my extended circle, who knows).

So anyway, I don’t want to blah on about this stuff on my social media anymore, or waste blogging energy. A lot of people who I REALLY love disagree with me on many of the above points and it’s triggering and upsetting and I just can’t engage with it anymore. I lost good friends over Brexit and BLM so I’ve decided – no more.

So I’m going to be snoozing/muting/blocking more. Arguing less. Engaging less. We as a family have decided what measures we are going to take. And I can’t do anymore than that. I can’t change what Boris says. I can’t change what you do. I almost certainly can’t change what you think.

So. Last post on this. I will just have to write about other stuff instead. I’m getting a ton of paid work at the moment but some of it is not exactly fulfilling my creative needs, so I’ll be here more from now on, and also at

I might also build another two websites for my other writing outlets, in my spare time.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to learn how to use WordPress properly…

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