Pandemic poetry #1



There’s nowhere to rush to.

For once, we’re not late.





What will it be like to wake up from this dream state?

To hear the aeroplanes overhead again

And watch the traffic standing still.

Until then, small one,

Just us.

On time, for once.

** Before you bite me, we were outside very early this morning and we didn’t touch anything or get closer than 2m from anyone else. We are in UK so not in total lockdown. Yet. Also, I know his coat’s too big.

One thought on “Pandemic poetry #1

  1. Jules May 7, 2020 / 12:46 pm

    Vistiting over from your piece on ‘The Finest Example’ –
    Oh to have toddlers again… Even my grands are so much bigger.
    Don’t worry about the coat being too big – they’ll grow fast enough 🙂

    (I’m from the US in lockdown… with some ability to shop for groceries, and care for elders. But I haven’t seen my grands in over a month. Thankfully we did a remote meeting and I still was able to recognize them 😉 Stay safe. It seems though we are all writing about this situation in one way or another… I did a piece yesterday you might enjoy slow progress

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