Secret Scribbles in London

I have SO much to learn about blogging, WordPress, writing, SEO, finding an audience…

I have another blog which is doing OK, but never enough time to research and write the things I want to. Plus it’s linked to all my personal social media, and is specifically themed, so there’s not much space for personal reflection and writing.

So I’ve just started this one – to write into the void, about whatever I feel like, anonymously, and see what happens, if anything happens at all!

Because the truth is I’ve decided I want to be a writer, I don’t want to go back to the kind of work I used to do before having a baby. I don’t want to work 50 hours a week in a hospital, trying to “do more with less”, “work smarter not harder” and all that stuff. And I can’t stand working in the public sector under a Tory government anymore. So I’m doing a spot of freelance writing for a London NHS Trust at the moment, with the space and time to actually research things properly and deliver something high quality – always hard to do when in an operational job, when business cases are usually a bit of a “seat of the pants” job. I’ve been trying to find other avenues to freelance writing, but it’s pretty hard work. Every job on Freelancer has about 4000 bids and I have no idea how to break through.

I always wanted to write. I wrote a good half of a novel when I was still in primary school. I learnt to touch type because I wanted to be a writer. So, in true X Factor style, I’m going to try and make my dream come true, and you have to start somewhere.

So here we go. Secret scribbles in London.

What could possibly go wrong?

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